David's Story

David was the first person, or rather almost the first person, that I moved into the apartment complex. When he first looked at the apartment complex, I showed him apartment 208. He seemed eager to move in, so we met again about a day later. David set down the security deposit and signed the lease agreement. While I was talking to David, I learned a few things about him. We talked about where he worked and what was going on in his life. He was just divorced from his wife and she had won custody of there son. He seemed depressed. As soon as David had his power turned on, I immediately received a phone call from him. It was going on the end of winter, and he said that his furnace was not working. This really shocked me because the last people that lived in apartment 208 didn't mention that there were any problems with the heating or cooling unit. I called Frank Heating and Cooling as soon as I was off the phone with David, and set up an appointment for them to come over to the apartment complex and fix it for him. They came out later that day and called me while I was in the middle of class. I knew that it was important, so I stepped out of class to answer it. The person who came out to fix it said that the furnace was totally trashed and looked like someone had screwed with and broke it. After hearing that I told him that I needed to talk with the owner and decide what we wanted to do with it.

After school was over I called George, the owner, and talked with him about it. We decided that since David was just moving in, we would put a new furnace in so there would be no more problems with "the new guy." We had this done and everything seemed to be going well with David: boy were we wrong. A few days after everything was fixed, David called us up and said that he wanted to leave. Apparently he was having more problems with the apartment complex and didn't like how everything was going. He said that he wanted to take us to court and get out of the lease agreement and get his security deposit. David thought it was unfair how everything was going wrong and took it as a bad sigh. After talking to him about the lease agreement we knew that he would not get his security deposit back. I believe that David was having mixed feeling about being devorced and not being able to see his kid very often. We decided to cut him a deal because we felt bad for him. We would let him out of the lease agreement if he decided not to live there and we got to keep the security deposit. This is what happened, and David ended up moving out. =[


Frustrated With Bob's Painting

I was already frustrated with Bob about not cleaning up the apartment complex and taking to long, but after I spent that long night there it got worse. It would have been easier if Bob would have actually done what he said he was going to do. He called and told me that he had finished up the apartment so I was happy about that; however, that happiness was short lived. The day after I was at the apartment complex late, I was tired and decided to sleep in. I was then awakened by a phone call from someone that I had just entered into my phone: Tonya. She said that she had just had her power turned on and everything looked good except one thing. The next words out of her mouth were "when were you planning on finishing up the painting in the unit?" My heart dropped and I immediately switched into apologetic mode. I tried to express my sincerest apology to her. We talked for about 10 minutes, and I reassured her that I was going to come up to the apartment complex and do it myself.

The next day I was really busy so I asked what time she worked because I was thinking about doing it at night. I needed to talk with her because I would not want to keep her up if she needed to sleep for work the next day. Tonya then said that she does not usually get home until about 1am, so I knew that I would have plenty of time to get up to the apartment complex and paint the apartment. After working that day, my girlfriend Kim and I went up to the apartments to finish up the painting. Lucky for us, the only part of the apartment that was not painted was the bathroom. It looked terrible! I cant even believe to understand how you could miss a spot as bad at that. I think he was just lazy and trying to do the least he could do to still live at the apartments for free. Bob happened to leave a little bucket of paint in there so we decided to use that to do the trim and the corners in the bathroom. Kim started doing that while I used a roller to do the walls.

Everything was going well and I just finished up painting the walls. I started putting my supplies away when I noticed something weird. It seemed as if we needed a second coat on the corners because they seemed like a different color than the wall. I just kind of put it out of my mind for the time being. After Kim finished up the edges, we dumped her bucket of paint, the one that bob must have left for us, into the big bucket that I was painting from. Then I realized that the corners might just be a different color. As we mixed the paints, they were definitely different colors of white. As we looked closer at the walls, it was definitely a different color. This was just building up my anger towards bob. We ended up staying about an hour longer than we should have, but we got the job done.


Our (former) Painter Bob Continued

Bob seemed to do a at pretty good job in the first apartment that we gave him to do. Thinking about it now, it probably was not a very good way to judge his ability because one of his wife's friends were moving into the apartment complex. Kerry was the lady moving in, and she was moving into apartment 110. That's right across the hall from Bob and Casandra. That probably changed his laziness into work because his wife was on his ass to finish it. I say this because I told them that Kerry could move in whenever the apartment was finished. Bob finished it up pretty quickly and I glanced around the apartment and it was not too bad of a job. It was good enough for them to move in but nothing spectacular. After seeing how he painted 110, I decided that he could continue to paint for us. I was hoping that they could at least try to keep up with there rent by doing work for us. Then when his unemployment check came in, they could pay the rest up. This happened right before "the rush" started. After he was done with 110, I gave him the keys to apartment 205 (the unit that Tonya currently lives in) and asked him to paint and overall make it look good so I can show it. The arrangement was for him to paint and fix little things in the apartment, and his wife would clean the counters and floors so it was clean and smelled good. I wish that was the way that it happened.....

Before he started painting I had already found someone to move into the apartment complex. Tonya was going to move in, but not for about a month. So we, or rather Bob, had plenty of time to get it done. I got all the supplies for painting and left it up there for him to get to work. Within a week there was nothing done. I talked to him, and he said that he was about to get some work so he could try and pay the rent. He also said that he was going to start painting it tomorrow. (If he did not have work for the last week, what the heck did he do instead of making money painting the apartment complex!?!) My next visit up there was about three or four days later. Bob had done a little bit of painting, but not a whole lot. After that, I did not pay much attention to him painting because there were other things going on in the apartment complex. So then we were into the forth week, and Tonya is supposed to be moving in over the weekend. The apartment was still not finished, and Bob was not there for me to talk to so I left a message with Casandra. I ended up talking to him the Thursday before Tonya was supposed to move in. He gave his word that it would be all finished up and ready the next day (Friday) at noon. (He also gave me his word that he would pay the rent) I wanted to trust him and put it out of my mind, but I just could not.....

I went back up to the apartments on Friday night (probably around 10ish). It was dark so I could not see very well. (When no one is living in the apartment, the power gets shut off) Anyways, Bob left all of his painting stuff in there and got paint all over the floor. I was furious and Bob was no where to be found. So then my girlfriend, who had come with me, and I spend the next few hours cleaning the whole apartment (that's what Casandra was supposed to do). After that I was pissed at Bob so I decided that he was not going to get to paint any more units.


Our (former) painter Bob

Lets take a step back to when I first started running the apartment complex; right around December of 2008. We had to switch all of the advertisements to my number so I was not receiving any calls for about a month. So the first guy I moved into the apartment complex, or rather almost moved in, was named David, and he was moving into unit 208. Long story short, he signed the lease agreement and ended up not wanting to live there (he was going through a divorce) so we cut him a deal and let him move out of the apartment complex. The next unit I rented after that was 109. The people that lived there before made a mess of the place, and they left a mother cat with four kittens. So the apartment kind of smelled and needed a whole bunch of work. It had holes in the walls and doors and a few other things that needed to be fixed up. This couple named Robert and Casandra came to look at apartment 208, and said that they had a kid. Normally the owner tries to avoid kids because they are noisy, leave stuff everywhere, and could potentially scare loyal tenants away. With the economy the way that it is and our apartment complex having eight empty units, we decided that we could move them in on one condition: they move into apartment 109 because it is a downstairs corner unit and no one would be able to hear there kid. I was showing them apartment 208 because it was all finished. They then talked me into showing them the apartment that they could possibly move into. I told them that I wanted to get everything in order with the apartment before they moved in, but Robert, whose nick name is Bob, said that he was a painter and could take care of everything. They just wanted the carpets to be cleaned and then they were going to move in. I had it cleaned and they moved into the apartment complex.

After they had been living in the apartment for about a week or two, I talked with the former manager of the apartment complex, Tammy. I had tried to talk to her as soon as I showed the apartment because I was still learning "the roaps," but she was too busy and I could not get a hold of her. When I finally did get hold of Tammy, she said that they, or maybe a friend of there's, had been in there before and that they were probably not going to pay anything more than there security deposit. I would have taken her advice and not rented the apartment to them, but they had already signed the lease agreement so it was binding. They seemed like a nice couple, but when the first months rent come due what do ya know? They didn't pay it. They told me that "there was some issue with unemployment and that they didn't send him his check and that they are trying to screw him out of it." I of course felt bad for them and want to try and help. Remembering that Bob told me that he was a painter, I thought that it might be a good idea to have him help me clean out apartments and paint them. I talked with the owner and he though it was a good idea also, so we discussed a price and Bob started painting in the apartment complex for us. If I had known how lazy and crappy a worker he was, I would have never hired him in the first place.....
Our (former) painter Bob Continued


James in Apartment 103

Like I said, James set up two different appointments and I did not even realize it until he came into the apartment complex for the second time. Even then I thought he looked familiar, I was not sure if he had looked at it before. I showed him Tonya's unit upstairs (200's are upstairs and 100's are downstairs). He liked it, but his wife was pregnant so I offered to move him into a downstairs apartment so she would not have to go up the stairs all the time. He liked this idea and wanted to see the apartment. I told him it was not ready, but he was persistent and wanted to see it so I gave in. So we went down to apartment 103. I had not done anything but clean the junk out of it. The walls were not painted, there were a few holes in the wall, and the carpet was completely trashed. So he looked at it and realized that it would be a little while before he moved into the apartment complex. I told him that I could have the painting and new carpet done within a week so we agreed on that and he signed the one year lease agreement. About a day later I was kind of busy and James called me up and we got to talking about the apartment. He really wanted to move in as soon as possible so he offered to paint it for a little bit of compensation. I talked to the owner and we agreed on it. So he painted the apartment, and I was getting ready to call a carpet laying business when he asked how much it cost to get the apartment carpeted. I gave him the estimate I received, and he said that there was this wood laminate flooring that was on sale and it would be the same price, if not cheaper, to put it in. He also liked it a lot more. I started looking into it, and asked him how much it would be to get it installed; he said that he had installed flooring like that several times he would install it for free. I liked this idea so I had a talk with the owner and we arranged for him to install it in the apartment complex. It took him a few days, but when he finished it it looked amazing. James even replaced all the molding in the apartment with wood that matched the flooring. So apartment 103 worked out extremely well for me. I didn't have to do a whole lot of extra work, the apartment got a new paint job and flooring, and a tenant moved in. =] After James and his wife moved into the apartment complex, the calls started to die down to "normal" again. It's kind of weird how I move 3 people in over many months, then the end of summer comes and all of the sudden 3 people move in in 3 weeks. Oh well, I'm not going to question anything *knock on wood*


Lately at the Apartment Complex

The last month and a half have been very busy compared to all the other months that I have been the apartment complex manager. I obtained my position last year in December of 2008. I didn't always get a whole bunch of calls. Sometimes I might get one call every other week about the apartment complex, sometimes I might have an appointment or two, if any, a week. Not lately though. I'm used to showing it about once a week, and hoping that they bite. We have 19 unites in the apartment complex, and about 8 of them were empty when I started. The managers before me must not have taken the calls for the apartments or cleaned them up or something because people started moving out and no one was moving in. I became very accustomed to once a week showings so I was taking my time fixing up the units, or maybe I was just being lazy with them (probably a little bit of both). Up until about a month and a half ago I only moved 3 people into the apartment complex. So I had the apartment I was showing, 205, ready and none of the other ones were 100 percent complete. Then, a month or so ago I started getting like 7-8 calls a week. This was new for me. One week I showed the apartment complex 5 times! So all my laziness about finishing up some of the empty ones was finally going to catch up with me.

Just about he first person I show it to before the "big rush" wanted the unit. Her name was Tonya. So she set down the deposit and said she was going to move in in about a month. This was great for business, but the calls kept coming and another guy named Dan wanted to move in just a few days later. I showed Dan apartment 205, the one that Tonya already had a deposit down on, and he wanted it also. Dan didn't want to wait a month like her either, he wanted to move in ASAP. So what I ended up doing was painting a different unit in the apartment complex, 207, after work and school late into the night for three or four nights. To get into painting 207 would be a whole other post. xD. I was pretty much exhausted after that and the calls continued to come in! After I finished painting for Dan in 207, the carpet in his and Tonyas needed to be cleaned. I remembered last time Chad, the carpet cleaner, was out there. He said that if we did three or four units in the apartment complex, we could get a bulk discount. So I cleaned out a third unit, 103, and called him up and got a bulk discount. After getting the carpets cleaned out they looked a whole lot better, except for unit 103. The carpet in there was pretty much trashed! About a week after this a man named James came to look at the apartments. He actually ened up setting up two different apointments before he moved in.

But he did end up moving in....



This is my first post so lets get acquainted a little bit. I'm 19 years old, I go to school full time, work part time, and am the manager of set of apartment complexes. So your probably wondering how I got to be the manager of an apartment complex. I actually know the owner, George. He used to have an outstanding manager about a year or two before me, but the old apartment complex manager made the mistake of steeling form George, and ever since then it has gone downhill with managers (except for me). So George was having trouble finding someone he could trust; that's where I come in. I have known the owner almost all of my life, and he knows that I am trustworthy and a hard worker. I started running the apartment complex in December of 08 and I am just starting this blog now so there is a whole lot that I could say, but I'm not sure if I remember it all or if it is worth even mentioning. When weird things happen, people make up stories, or there are big fights/arguments, I'm going to post them. I'm doing this for two or three reasons: for keeping track of stuff at the apartments, for myself, and for anyone who wants a laugh or two when "things go down."


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