David's Story

David was the first person, or rather almost the first person, that I moved into the apartment complex. When he first looked at the apartment complex, I showed him apartment 208. He seemed eager to move in, so we met again about a day later. David set down the security deposit and signed the lease agreement. While I was talking to David, I learned a few things about him. We talked about where he worked and what was going on in his life. He was just divorced from his wife and she had won custody of there son. He seemed depressed. As soon as David had his power turned on, I immediately received a phone call from him. It was going on the end of winter, and he said that his furnace was not working. This really shocked me because the last people that lived in apartment 208 didn't mention that there were any problems with the heating or cooling unit. I called Frank Heating and Cooling as soon as I was off the phone with David, and set up an appointment for them to come over to the apartment complex and fix it for him. They came out later that day and called me while I was in the middle of class. I knew that it was important, so I stepped out of class to answer it. The person who came out to fix it said that the furnace was totally trashed and looked like someone had screwed with and broke it. After hearing that I told him that I needed to talk with the owner and decide what we wanted to do with it.

After school was over I called George, the owner, and talked with him about it. We decided that since David was just moving in, we would put a new furnace in so there would be no more problems with "the new guy." We had this done and everything seemed to be going well with David: boy were we wrong. A few days after everything was fixed, David called us up and said that he wanted to leave. Apparently he was having more problems with the apartment complex and didn't like how everything was going. He said that he wanted to take us to court and get out of the lease agreement and get his security deposit. David thought it was unfair how everything was going wrong and took it as a bad sigh. After talking to him about the lease agreement we knew that he would not get his security deposit back. I believe that David was having mixed feeling about being devorced and not being able to see his kid very often. We decided to cut him a deal because we felt bad for him. We would let him out of the lease agreement if he decided not to live there and we got to keep the security deposit. This is what happened, and David ended up moving out. =[

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