Frustrated With Bob's Painting

I was already frustrated with Bob about not cleaning up the apartment complex and taking to long, but after I spent that long night there it got worse. It would have been easier if Bob would have actually done what he said he was going to do. He called and told me that he had finished up the apartment so I was happy about that; however, that happiness was short lived. The day after I was at the apartment complex late, I was tired and decided to sleep in. I was then awakened by a phone call from someone that I had just entered into my phone: Tonya. She said that she had just had her power turned on and everything looked good except one thing. The next words out of her mouth were "when were you planning on finishing up the painting in the unit?" My heart dropped and I immediately switched into apologetic mode. I tried to express my sincerest apology to her. We talked for about 10 minutes, and I reassured her that I was going to come up to the apartment complex and do it myself.

The next day I was really busy so I asked what time she worked because I was thinking about doing it at night. I needed to talk with her because I would not want to keep her up if she needed to sleep for work the next day. Tonya then said that she does not usually get home until about 1am, so I knew that I would have plenty of time to get up to the apartment complex and paint the apartment. After working that day, my girlfriend Kim and I went up to the apartments to finish up the painting. Lucky for us, the only part of the apartment that was not painted was the bathroom. It looked terrible! I cant even believe to understand how you could miss a spot as bad at that. I think he was just lazy and trying to do the least he could do to still live at the apartments for free. Bob happened to leave a little bucket of paint in there so we decided to use that to do the trim and the corners in the bathroom. Kim started doing that while I used a roller to do the walls.

Everything was going well and I just finished up painting the walls. I started putting my supplies away when I noticed something weird. It seemed as if we needed a second coat on the corners because they seemed like a different color than the wall. I just kind of put it out of my mind for the time being. After Kim finished up the edges, we dumped her bucket of paint, the one that bob must have left for us, into the big bucket that I was painting from. Then I realized that the corners might just be a different color. As we mixed the paints, they were definitely different colors of white. As we looked closer at the walls, it was definitely a different color. This was just building up my anger towards bob. We ended up staying about an hour longer than we should have, but we got the job done.

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