James in Apartment 103

Like I said, James set up two different appointments and I did not even realize it until he came into the apartment complex for the second time. Even then I thought he looked familiar, I was not sure if he had looked at it before. I showed him Tonya's unit upstairs (200's are upstairs and 100's are downstairs). He liked it, but his wife was pregnant so I offered to move him into a downstairs apartment so she would not have to go up the stairs all the time. He liked this idea and wanted to see the apartment. I told him it was not ready, but he was persistent and wanted to see it so I gave in. So we went down to apartment 103. I had not done anything but clean the junk out of it. The walls were not painted, there were a few holes in the wall, and the carpet was completely trashed. So he looked at it and realized that it would be a little while before he moved into the apartment complex. I told him that I could have the painting and new carpet done within a week so we agreed on that and he signed the one year lease agreement. About a day later I was kind of busy and James called me up and we got to talking about the apartment. He really wanted to move in as soon as possible so he offered to paint it for a little bit of compensation. I talked to the owner and we agreed on it. So he painted the apartment, and I was getting ready to call a carpet laying business when he asked how much it cost to get the apartment carpeted. I gave him the estimate I received, and he said that there was this wood laminate flooring that was on sale and it would be the same price, if not cheaper, to put it in. He also liked it a lot more. I started looking into it, and asked him how much it would be to get it installed; he said that he had installed flooring like that several times he would install it for free. I liked this idea so I had a talk with the owner and we arranged for him to install it in the apartment complex. It took him a few days, but when he finished it it looked amazing. James even replaced all the molding in the apartment with wood that matched the flooring. So apartment 103 worked out extremely well for me. I didn't have to do a whole lot of extra work, the apartment got a new paint job and flooring, and a tenant moved in. =] After James and his wife moved into the apartment complex, the calls started to die down to "normal" again. It's kind of weird how I move 3 people in over many months, then the end of summer comes and all of the sudden 3 people move in in 3 weeks. Oh well, I'm not going to question anything *knock on wood*

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