Lately at the Apartment Complex

The last month and a half have been very busy compared to all the other months that I have been the apartment complex manager. I obtained my position last year in December of 2008. I didn't always get a whole bunch of calls. Sometimes I might get one call every other week about the apartment complex, sometimes I might have an appointment or two, if any, a week. Not lately though. I'm used to showing it about once a week, and hoping that they bite. We have 19 unites in the apartment complex, and about 8 of them were empty when I started. The managers before me must not have taken the calls for the apartments or cleaned them up or something because people started moving out and no one was moving in. I became very accustomed to once a week showings so I was taking my time fixing up the units, or maybe I was just being lazy with them (probably a little bit of both). Up until about a month and a half ago I only moved 3 people into the apartment complex. So I had the apartment I was showing, 205, ready and none of the other ones were 100 percent complete. Then, a month or so ago I started getting like 7-8 calls a week. This was new for me. One week I showed the apartment complex 5 times! So all my laziness about finishing up some of the empty ones was finally going to catch up with me.

Just about he first person I show it to before the "big rush" wanted the unit. Her name was Tonya. So she set down the deposit and said she was going to move in in about a month. This was great for business, but the calls kept coming and another guy named Dan wanted to move in just a few days later. I showed Dan apartment 205, the one that Tonya already had a deposit down on, and he wanted it also. Dan didn't want to wait a month like her either, he wanted to move in ASAP. So what I ended up doing was painting a different unit in the apartment complex, 207, after work and school late into the night for three or four nights. To get into painting 207 would be a whole other post. xD. I was pretty much exhausted after that and the calls continued to come in! After I finished painting for Dan in 207, the carpet in his and Tonyas needed to be cleaned. I remembered last time Chad, the carpet cleaner, was out there. He said that if we did three or four units in the apartment complex, we could get a bulk discount. So I cleaned out a third unit, 103, and called him up and got a bulk discount. After getting the carpets cleaned out they looked a whole lot better, except for unit 103. The carpet in there was pretty much trashed! About a week after this a man named James came to look at the apartments. He actually ened up setting up two different apointments before he moved in.

But he did end up moving in....

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