Our (former) Painter Bob Continued

Bob seemed to do a at pretty good job in the first apartment that we gave him to do. Thinking about it now, it probably was not a very good way to judge his ability because one of his wife's friends were moving into the apartment complex. Kerry was the lady moving in, and she was moving into apartment 110. That's right across the hall from Bob and Casandra. That probably changed his laziness into work because his wife was on his ass to finish it. I say this because I told them that Kerry could move in whenever the apartment was finished. Bob finished it up pretty quickly and I glanced around the apartment and it was not too bad of a job. It was good enough for them to move in but nothing spectacular. After seeing how he painted 110, I decided that he could continue to paint for us. I was hoping that they could at least try to keep up with there rent by doing work for us. Then when his unemployment check came in, they could pay the rest up. This happened right before "the rush" started. After he was done with 110, I gave him the keys to apartment 205 (the unit that Tonya currently lives in) and asked him to paint and overall make it look good so I can show it. The arrangement was for him to paint and fix little things in the apartment, and his wife would clean the counters and floors so it was clean and smelled good. I wish that was the way that it happened.....

Before he started painting I had already found someone to move into the apartment complex. Tonya was going to move in, but not for about a month. So we, or rather Bob, had plenty of time to get it done. I got all the supplies for painting and left it up there for him to get to work. Within a week there was nothing done. I talked to him, and he said that he was about to get some work so he could try and pay the rent. He also said that he was going to start painting it tomorrow. (If he did not have work for the last week, what the heck did he do instead of making money painting the apartment complex!?!) My next visit up there was about three or four days later. Bob had done a little bit of painting, but not a whole lot. After that, I did not pay much attention to him painting because there were other things going on in the apartment complex. So then we were into the forth week, and Tonya is supposed to be moving in over the weekend. The apartment was still not finished, and Bob was not there for me to talk to so I left a message with Casandra. I ended up talking to him the Thursday before Tonya was supposed to move in. He gave his word that it would be all finished up and ready the next day (Friday) at noon. (He also gave me his word that he would pay the rent) I wanted to trust him and put it out of my mind, but I just could not.....

I went back up to the apartments on Friday night (probably around 10ish). It was dark so I could not see very well. (When no one is living in the apartment, the power gets shut off) Anyways, Bob left all of his painting stuff in there and got paint all over the floor. I was furious and Bob was no where to be found. So then my girlfriend, who had come with me, and I spend the next few hours cleaning the whole apartment (that's what Casandra was supposed to do). After that I was pissed at Bob so I decided that he was not going to get to paint any more units.

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