Our (former) painter Bob

Lets take a step back to when I first started running the apartment complex; right around December of 2008. We had to switch all of the advertisements to my number so I was not receiving any calls for about a month. So the first guy I moved into the apartment complex, or rather almost moved in, was named David, and he was moving into unit 208. Long story short, he signed the lease agreement and ended up not wanting to live there (he was going through a divorce) so we cut him a deal and let him move out of the apartment complex. The next unit I rented after that was 109. The people that lived there before made a mess of the place, and they left a mother cat with four kittens. So the apartment kind of smelled and needed a whole bunch of work. It had holes in the walls and doors and a few other things that needed to be fixed up. This couple named Robert and Casandra came to look at apartment 208, and said that they had a kid. Normally the owner tries to avoid kids because they are noisy, leave stuff everywhere, and could potentially scare loyal tenants away. With the economy the way that it is and our apartment complex having eight empty units, we decided that we could move them in on one condition: they move into apartment 109 because it is a downstairs corner unit and no one would be able to hear there kid. I was showing them apartment 208 because it was all finished. They then talked me into showing them the apartment that they could possibly move into. I told them that I wanted to get everything in order with the apartment before they moved in, but Robert, whose nick name is Bob, said that he was a painter and could take care of everything. They just wanted the carpets to be cleaned and then they were going to move in. I had it cleaned and they moved into the apartment complex.

After they had been living in the apartment for about a week or two, I talked with the former manager of the apartment complex, Tammy. I had tried to talk to her as soon as I showed the apartment because I was still learning "the roaps," but she was too busy and I could not get a hold of her. When I finally did get hold of Tammy, she said that they, or maybe a friend of there's, had been in there before and that they were probably not going to pay anything more than there security deposit. I would have taken her advice and not rented the apartment to them, but they had already signed the lease agreement so it was binding. They seemed like a nice couple, but when the first months rent come due what do ya know? They didn't pay it. They told me that "there was some issue with unemployment and that they didn't send him his check and that they are trying to screw him out of it." I of course felt bad for them and want to try and help. Remembering that Bob told me that he was a painter, I thought that it might be a good idea to have him help me clean out apartments and paint them. I talked with the owner and he though it was a good idea also, so we discussed a price and Bob started painting in the apartment complex for us. If I had known how lazy and crappy a worker he was, I would have never hired him in the first place.....
Our (former) painter Bob Continued

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